Irish Car Registration Numbers

Irish Car Number Plates for Sale

These registration plates are from Northern Ireland, not Southern Ireland as, for obviously reasons, you cannot easily transfer a non-British plate to a car registered and in use in the UK.

Northern Ireland does not use the UK DVLA for registering Irish number plates, these plates are created in Coleraine to the Irish number plate standard. However, the good news is that they can be transferred to any car within the UK, therefore if you are based anywhere within the British Isles, then you could carry one of these special plates.

Buying an Irish car number plate is very attractive as they carry their very own format. Irish registration plates have two or three letters first, containing at least an I or Z, and are then followed by up to four numbers.

So, as examples, registration numbers such as BAZ 354 or BIG 7136 are Irish number plates.

Registration marks such as these are ideal for hiding the age of your car and can be put on most vehicles, as there is no age restriction on them.

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